Why Skicology is the best way forward

Skicology is a unique approach to teaching the Psychological Principles behind fun and great skiing. Like any sport there is a psychological side and a technical side. We specialise in the psychological side that when combined, skiers progress 3-5 times more quickly, have more fun, and experience a better quality of life generally thanks to the universal nature of these Principles and their implications for all aspects of our lives.


Scientific causal evidence-based approach to the Mental Principles behind great skiing

Starting out

Starting out with a clear and open mind is the best way to learn when you start with an instructor. We teach you how.

Moving off the plateau

The most common reason reason why 80% of people quit skiing is because of lack of progress. Learn the psychological foundation to having fun and improving

Ski professionals and competitors

Having a clear and free flowing mind is the best way to pass exams and win competitions, learn how without any strategies to deploy, just skiing with clear intent

As virtually all our Skicology coaching sessions takes place over Skype or Zoom our coaches are based around the world – in France, UK, Australia and Canada – so we cover all the major time zones. Our coaches have diverse backgrounds in skiing, injury, relationships, performance so as you read through the profiles see who you connect with and when you book tell us which coach you’d like to work with and we’ll connect you. We can coach in English, French, Danish, Canadian and Australian too!
Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis


Anthony is the Founder of Skicology, after 13 years ago being asked by a ski instructor if what he taught through business coaching at Headstuff applied to skiing. That winter he tested it out by running a weekly Masterclass with ski instructors and sure enough it worked, with great results! So much so, he took up skiing about 8 years ago. After running workshops with clients and ski instructors Skicology is the fruition of all that testing and experience. No-one in the ski world teaches the mental side of skiing, as we do at Skicology: how a simple understanding of how we create our experience shows up in all that we do. Anthony lives in the French Alps, so if you want to meet up if you’re in Morzine or the surrounding area give him a shout.

Craig Wyman

Craig Wyman

Transformative Coach

Craig is a Transformative Coach living in Australia. He change lives. He helps Executives, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Athletes, Writers, Coaches and Parents to create the personal and professional success they really want, less of what they don’t want, with more ease, peace and clarity than they’ve ever experienced. My work has spanned business, sport, relationships and mental health. He’s a 2 x Ironman Triathlon finisher with an amazing best time of 9hr 58min in 2013. He’s a former Ski Professional at Whistler-Blackcomb, and Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance Level 2.

John El-Mokadem

John El-Mokadem

Transformative Coach

John is a Transformative Coach based in London. Like most of us, John accidentally became exposed to the value of coaching and was so inspired by the difference it made to him personally that he realised that this was his calling and set out to retrain as a coach. As part of his own development, however, he began to notice flaws with traditional coaching models that feed the illusion that peace of mind is only available to us when we actually achieve what we think we want. John, like all the Skicology coaches, works with his clients to understand the Principles that underlie their human experience. From here, you are able to engage in life and work from a state of flow, ease and resilience, enabling you to be far more productive, creative and happier and how success, simplicity and wellbeing are all intrinsically related, and that we don’t need to struggle to create results in our lives.

Sandie Martel

Sandie Martel

Coach Francaise

Sandie est une coach et mentor spécialisée dans l’état d’esprit et la « préparation mentale », contrairement aux autres types de coaching, ce que je propose ne requiert aucun effort. Il s’agit plutôt de vous aider à vous rendre compte de comment vous fonctionnez réellement pour des résultats optimums


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