At Skicology, we’re specialists in understanding the human experience, and helping you understand where you’re experience is coming from so you have a much better and more fun time skiing.  We love working with people who:

  • Have never skied before
  • Are nervous, fearful and lacking confidence, or coming back after injury and worried about injuring themselves again
  • Are worried about the impact skiing will have on your relationship, for better or worse?

Never Skied Before

If you’re new to skiing, your best start is with a few sessions with a Skicologist before going anywhere near a ski resort or slope, so you’re in the best frame of mind possible to have fun and learn.

From our experience, working with us and then with a ski instructor (which we highly recommend), our clients tend to pick up skiing around 3-5 times more quickly than with a ski instructor alone.  And a considerably less frustrating experience than having a friend or family member teach them!

Nervous and lacking confidence, returning after injury

You know the feelings: gripped by snowplough, anxious, worried about the snow, speed, turning, somebody taking you out, or had a bad experience or injury and fearful of that happening again.  Or just had a break from skiing, say to have a family and nervous about putting your skis back on.

A few sessions with one of our trained Skicologists will help put your mind at ease in the gentlest way possible, and help you have more fun and grace when you get back on your skis.


Side effects

And finally, we have to make you aware of some side effects of understanding the principles behind Skicology, not just in skiing but in work and life generally.  From our research:

  • You start to experience less stress, worry and anxiety
  • You find yourself feeling more confident
  • You find yourself dealing with problems better, or they don’t occur in the first place
  • You find yourself thinking more clearly
  • You find yourself interested in new things and you learn more quickly

The sooner we start, the sooner you start to experience these so to book click here