Are you:

  • Stuck on an endless plateau where your skiing doesn’t improve, or even worsens?
  • Losing the fun and enjoyment of the sport?
  • Stuck in an endless loop of over-thinking and analysing why you’re stuck?
  • Wondering why nothing seems to get any better and nothing you try works?
  • Wondering why kids pick up stuff so quickly? And it’s not because they’re fearless, that’s just a big myth-understanding!

You’re not alone.  It’s the number one reason why 82% of skiers in the US quit skiing, after investing a huge amount of time and money in their sport.  We don’t want you becoming another statistic as much as you do.

And there’s a very simple explanation why this happens.

We think that learning is time-served and happens progressively.  It isn’t and it doesn’t.  It takes place in a series of step-changes that just happen over a short or longer period of time.  More step changes = quicker progress. You can read a longer article here explaining why your kids ski better than you!

And the difference to having more step changes and quicker progress?  It’s not the over-thinking and analysing – all that is a huge hindrance and barrier to learning, and gets in the way.

Each step-change is accompanied by an insight, a realisation, where a fresh thought pops in to your head, you learn something new that works better, and you improve, and the fun and enjoyment returns.

That’s what we teach at Skicology. The source of all insights and realisations.

And we have to make you aware of some side effects of this understanding, not just in skiing but in work and life generally:

  • You start to experience less stress, worry and anxiety
  • You find yourself feeling more confident
  • You find yourself dealing with problems better, or they don’t occur in the first place
  • You find yourself thinking more clearly
  • You find yourself interested in new things and you learn more quickly

The sooner we start, the sooner you move off the plateau, and the sooner you start to experience the side effects.  Book here