Whether you’re a downhill racer or GS racer, or border-cross racer, we know the pressure and worries and anxieties you face not just in competition but in training too.

For example, thinking you’ll never win, or that you might lose.  That you might injure yourself and the impact – not just physically – but mentally too.  All that over-thinking just getting in the way.

We’re well-used to these.  Which is exactly why we don’t discuss them!  Not because they’re not important, but because by discussing and analysing your problem and fears only increases them, never solves them!  A problem shared is a problem doubled.

What we do, is teach a very simple understanding of how you create your experience in the moment, so you no longer get caught up in it.  You’ll find we don’t give you any tips, nor techniques as that’s trying to trick yourself!  But what we will show you is that you are the magician of your own thoughts, and once you understand that, you no longer are tricked by your own thinking!

In short, it’s the most invisible competitive advantage you can have in any sport. And how do we know?  If you saw the Rio Olympics there were some gold medallists who just seemed to be the most calm and matter-of-fact winners and no-one could understand why.  We could, as the principles behind Skicology are true for all sports.  And those winners understood them too.

Let’s give you another example of a client of ours.  Last year, Anthony was coaching Ellie Souter, a junior snowboard member of the GB Squad.  Ellie had been getting second places, but not first.  After the first session, she had two firsts in her next competition. And what was noticeable was how calm and matter of fact she was about winning.  It just seemed normal to her.  And some of the personal side effects Ellie also experienced was she found herself getting her homework done without any stress, and was no longer arguing with her friends but getting along with them much better!

If you’d like to experience the invisible competitive advantage that no one can see, let’s speak.  Email Anthony directly at anthony@skicology.com and we’ll create something that perfectly fits your needs and schedule.

And finally, we have to make you aware of some side effects of understanding the principles behind Skicology, not just in skiing but in work and life generally from our client research:

  • You start to experience less stress, worry and anxiety
  • You find yourself feeling more confident
  • You find yourself dealing with problems better, or they don’t occur in the first place
  • You find yourself thinking more clearly
  • You find yourself interested in new things and you learn more quickly