The science behind Skicology and how Skicology works

By Anthony Davis, Founder of Skicology

We work in the field of psychology – the study of mind and spirit – or how the human mind works.  We don’t analyse you, we don’t make meanings out of your experiences, and we certainly don’t ask you to tell us about your childhood!

And what we do is based in science, with maybe a little of the spiritual side thrown in for good measure.  You’ll see that what we teach has been in the major religions of the world, like Buddhism, for thousands of years.  So it seems that science and religion can agree on some things after all!

We’re all born happy and fully equipped to navigate our way in life.  However, over time, we’re conditioned to think that our thinking and feelings come from objects, circumstance or how other other people treat us.  The effect of that is when those objects, circumstances or other people change, or are taken away we feel lost and a victim of those changes.

the-science-behind-skicology-outside-2It appears that we are experiencing skiing like this – or rather what we are experiencing comes from this.  That our thinking and feelings such as worry fear and anxiety come from the likes of an injury, or the slope conditions, or being on the plateau.  It looks like all these things outside of us are creating our experience

Well, it’ll probably come as a big surprise to you that there is actually no causal evidence for this whatsoever! And you don’t need to take my word for it.  A UK Government sponsored report back in 2008 titled “5 Ways to Well-being” couldn’t find any causal evidence either, and it looked at a lot of evidence!  It did find some interesting correlations, but couldn’t find any cause.  And correlation is not cause.

It seems we’ve all been mis-sold what creates our experience!

Fortunately, science has found the answer to where our experience – our thoughts and feelings – actually come from, and it appears it’s a bit of an inside job!  And again, you don’t have to take my word for it.  the-science-behind-skicology-insideHere’s the diagram the right way round, as explained by the likes of physicist David Bohm (who worked with Albert Einstein) and Evolutionary Biologist Donald Hoffman.  And there’s a body of real evidence behind it.  And it seems that experiencing a subjective reality is a good thing that keeps us alive!

It seems that thoughts and feelings are mind-made illusions.  That is to say they are real – or we experience them as real – but they are illusions created by us, a perception.  But because they happen so quickly, we don’t notice this, and put the blame or meaning on to something outside of us.  It’s like being wowed by a magic trick.  We know it’s a magic trick, but still get caught up in the illusion.  The moment you realise that you are the magician of your own thinking and feelings the magic trick wears off.  That’s what we teach at Skicology™

And it’s a total game changer.

And as a result you get much less caught up in your thoughts and feelings.  You discover there’s nothing to manage or control.  Thoughts flow more freely, you learn much more quickly.  If you’re on the plateau even that starts to be enjoyable, knowing the clearer your mind, the sooner the fresh thought appears, and then you’re away off the plateau! And you start to experience the side effects I’ve mentioned on the other pages, and in your skiing too.

Have you ever heard phrase the answer lies within?  Well, it turns out be true.  Scientifically true!

How Skicology works

During the sessions with your Skicologist they guide you through the inner workings of your mind, and you’ll discover it’s elegantly and beautifully simple. It has to be for 7.3Bn human beings to work.  And during that you gain new insights that bring about amazing changes in your skiing, and your experience of skiing.

You’ll find your Skicologist talks from personal experience, using metaphors, stories and analogies that help you understand how Skicology works. During the conversation they’ll create the space for new insights to occur and you’ll notice your perspective, thinking and feelings change, without having to do anything at all.  It’s actually how all behaviour changes, and how we learn something new: from a tiny shift in perspective and from an insight, a realisation.  Clients often say everything has changed, and nothing is different.  And you’ll know exactly what that means when you experience it.

This works best when you’re well away from the slopes, even many months before you put on your skis so you can experience your new found insights in real everyday life.  And then when you put on your skis you’re in a much better place to enjoy your skiing.

And what we teach is not an intellectual thing.  I’ve had 6 year old children understand the principles behind Skicology in minutes.  And intellectual people argue for hours and hours unable to grasp the elegant simplicity of it!

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