And it’s nothing to do with fear!

That’s just something made up by adults, not kids!  A lack of fear is something they won’t even have considered.  The same about a lack of confidence.  That will never occur to them.  And fear is actually the hard wired mechanism in all of us that keeps us all safe – you’re actually talking about anxiety – but I’ll leave that for another blog.

However, we can learn from children by doing the same as they do. They under-think and under-analyse, and as a result have many more and frequent insights, or realisations – big and small – and with each one (which takes about a second to pop up) they learn something new and make a step change in their skiing. And they have fun too!  Literally skiing with nothing on your mind.  That’s it.  The secret to improving and loving skiing: fun and insights!

Adults over-think and over-analyse, and the cloudier your mind, the more you will struggle, stay stuck and frustrated, and lose the fun.  Have a look at the diagram below and see what you’re experience is:


So, “tell me the technique or strategy or the how to have more insights and fun“????  I hear you demand! Well, you not going to like this.  There aren’t any.

Every single technique or strategy to clear your mind, has the unwanted side effect of doing the very opposite, clouding your already cloudy mind!!!

Consider this: you’re already over-thinking so why would we give you more things to think about to clear your mind?????  That doesn’t make any sense at all???  Particularly when we all know that a flow state or ‘being in the zone’ and learning quickly is when we have little or no thinking going on.

And we’re not interested in giving you coping mechanisms either.  There is no hope in cope.

And we don’t do analysis either – which is just over-thinking by another name.  If the answer was there then after many years of your own analysis, you would have already found the answer.  But you’re still stuck.

Kids don’t do analysis, which is why the ski better than you!

And trying to learn more ski techniques is unlikely to make a difference.  Again, with so much over-thinking going on there’s no space for an insight, no space for learning something new. Over-thinking puts the kibosh on that one pretty much.  But I’ll return to that in a moment where that is useful.

We’re only interested in making problems go away with the least amount of time and energy, which is our specialism.  We don’t want you continually coming back to us, saying “please fix this problem, that technique you gave me last time no longer works”.  So we don’t do that.  And we want to spend the minimum amount of time with you.  If you’re good to go after 3 sessions and you’ve paid for 5, then we simply refund the remaining 2 sessions.

What we do is teach you is the source of all your over-thinking, anxiety, worry, and how falling back in to a clear mind is closer at hand than you think.  Quite literally!

And as you get a glimpse of this, it’s a game changer.  So much so, you might realise what technical skills you need from a lesson and pick them up, because you’re under-thinking.  Or just better deploy – without a first thought – the ones you already know.

One of the reasons we work with our clients year-round, and particularly out of season is that we want you to experience some of the side effects in your daily life.  Like less stress and worry, more ease, being able to see more clearly and not getting caught up in situations – all the things that are really useful in skiing. And then when you arrive on the slopes, it will carry over in to your skiing and you’ll find yourself skiing with nothing on your mind.

You might even ski better than your kids, but can’t guarantee it.  You probably won’t even be bothered, just happy they’re having fun.

If by now you’re curious and ready to give up your problem – and some people prefer to keep their problems – which is fine too, then click here

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