At Skicology, we want to put the fun back in to your skiing.

We’re the only organisation in the world that teaches the psychological Principles behind fun and great skiing, and you won’t find them anywhere else.  We work with skiers, and snowboarders around the world who are:

  • New or nervous – complete novices, nervous skiers, and those worried about the impact on their relationships (yes, it does happen!)
  • Plateau skiers – stuck on going nowhere and losing all the fun and enjoyment, and very frustrated and feeling dejected!
  • Ski Professionals – instructors worried about passing their exams, or passing the dreaded Eurotest, or curious about how you can bring an understanding of Skicology in to teaching
  • Competitors – feeling the pressure of competition, or experiencing performance worries and anxiety

We’re open year-round and around the world – we never work on the slopes – we work via Skype™ or WhatsApp™ or the phone.  We leave the technical side of skiing to ski professionals, and we highly recommend you work with one too as together you could be learning and progressing 3-5 times more quickly.

And it’s best to work with us well before you go anywhere near a ski resort or slopes so you’re in the best frame of mind possible when you put your skis on.

What we’re teaching, the Principles behind Skicology, are not concepts nor theories but backed by real science, such as physics and biology of how we all create our experience, not just with skiing, but every part of our lives, how we think and how we perceive.  It’s OK though! We won’t be teaching you science and biology – we’re very simple people so teach very simply.  But if you’d like to know more about the science, here it is.

Our sessions are fun and light hearted, and insightful too! During and between the sessions you’ll notice changes and improvements showing up in your everyday lives and relationships.  Some side effects of these conversations are:

  • You start to experience less stress, worry and anxiety (around 30% less)
  • You find yourself feeling more confident
  • You find yourself dealing with problems better, or they don’t occur in the first place
  • You find yourself thinking more clearly
  • You find yourself interested in new things and you learn more quickly