I don’t know what Anthony did to my instructors but the day after he had a session with them they were skiing world class and took everything I could throw at them!  We skied the whole mountain, and the day before they were pants!

BASI Ski coach

Are you a ski professional perhaps,

  • Progressing your training and anxious about passing your exams?
  • Worried about passing your eurotest?
  • Or curious about how you could incorporate the principles behind Skicology in to your technical teaching?

Instructor training is a long and expensive process.  Often with setbacks.  There are times when you’re progressing and learning and other times experiencing frustration and stuck on a plateau when nothing seems to improve.  And then the fun goes out of it and you end up questioning your motives and desires.

At Skicology, we help iron out the highs and lows, and with a level head progress more easily through exams and tests.  And some of the points you learn from your Skicologist will come through in to your teaching too, so that will improve too.

If it’s your Eurotest, Anthony’s pass rate is 100% of the instructors he’s worked with.  He’s even had one instructor pass it on his first run and argued with the organisers to do a second run so he could do it faster!  A few Skicology™ sessions will put your mind at rest, and help pass your test.

As a side effect of working together, you’ll be picking up and learning what we teach anyway – it will flow through in to your teaching so your clients have a better experience, but you might be interested in having a deeper understanding of the principles behind Skicology so you can incorporate them in to your teaching with clients so they get not just the technical improvements they seek but with much more grace and ease.

And if your clients are having a great experience they will only want to come back to you time and again and tell all their friends to come to you.  It of an invisible competitive advantage don’t you think?

Anthony is holding a Zoom based pre-season masterclass for ski instructors in Autumn 2016 so contact him directly for more details at anthony@skicology.com and enrol.  To learn more about becoming a Certified Skicologist Programme click here

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And just to be aware of the side effects our clients experience of understanding the principles behind Skicology, not just in skiing but in work and life generally:

  • You start to experience less stress, worry and anxiety
  • You find yourself feeling more confident
  • You find yourself dealing with problems better, or they don’t occur in the first place
  • You find yourself thinking more clearly
  • You find yourself interested in new things and you learn more quickly