Certified Skicologist™ Programme for Ski Professionals

This programme is for skiing professionals such as Ski Instructors, Ski Coaches and Trainers who want to help get their clients reach peak performance levels.

Very few instructors whilst learning their craft get very little exposure to the mental side of sport.  Or if they do, it’s training in traditional behavioural studies or visualisation or positive thinking.  Whilst popular, all these do is add more thought on thought.  And behaviour at whatever level is a consequence of what’s on your mind.  Playing with behaviour is only playing at the level of effect, never cause.  What comes to Mind will show up in behaviour.  The Skicology approach goes direct to the cause of peak performance.

The Certified Skicologist™ Programme addresses this shortfall, and is the only programme in the world that trains to this level of understanding.  Reaching levels and consistency of performance that traditional behavioural psychology approaches can only aspire to.

Instructing on its own will achieve normal levels of performance.  Skicology enables higher natural levels of performance to come to the fore.

The Programme covers:

  • The Principles that are the foundations of Skicology™ – The true source of performance and how we all create our experience in the moment
  • Communications – the art of connecting deeply with your client so they can fully connect and understand what you’re trying to get across
  • The true source of consistent and lasting improvements in performance that once learnt, can never be unlearnt
  • Creating the conditions for your client where insights in to higher levels of performance are more likely to occur.  Personal insights are the only point of all new learning and lasting improvement so increasing the likelihood of these will accelerate progress
  • Generating outstanding results with your clients (at all levels) with considerably less effort so you can perform at your best, which means less physical and mental wear and tear on you
  • Progressing and advancing through your ski training with much less on your Mind, and guaranteeing passing the formidable Ski Test.  Anthony’s pass-rate with Ski Instructor clients passing the speed test is 100%.
  • And as Skicology™ is a talking based programme away from the slopes, this means you are not confined to the slopes nor traditional ski season to teach and improve your client’s skiing.  You can divide you client time on and off the slopes, and year-round without any geographical limitation.  For example, most of Anthony’s work is over Skype™.
  • Incorporating and marketing Skicology™ in to your business to expand it. Anthony is   a professional business coach and consultant having advised 100’s of businesses, creating the competitive advantage over traditional on-slope only ski schools and professionals.

And with an understanding of the psychological principles behind all life’s experiences you can serve your clients at a much deeper level, that other’s without this understanding cannot so your clients come back to time and again for more – there is no limit to the level of understanding, and hence performance – to Skicology™. And their friends and colleagues will notice the changes too and will want the understanding you gave your clients.

Essentially, Skicology™ is an invisible competitive advantage other professional skiers cannot replicate.  By combining on-slope Instructing with off-slope Skicology™ you can get amazingly rapid and easy results in your clients.  It’s like accessing the hidden accelerator to all learning that already exists within each and every one of us.  Just that almost everyone keeps looking for and applying psychological techniques which actually have the side-effect of slowing down learning.

And if you have a second (or even first) discipline in snow-boarding, then Skicology applies to that too, without the bumps and bounces so many clients expect when learning to snow-board.

The next step to taking your Professional Ski Career to the next level by becoming a Certified Skicologist™ is call Anthony to arrange a more in-depth conversation on +33(0)6 34 56 98 40, or Email: anthony@skicology.com.  As not everyone has what it takes to become a Skicologist™, the conversation will also assess your suitability for the programme


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