PresentationOne of the things we like to do at Skicology is leave people more resourceful after every conversation, however brief.   Here are some of the resources we’ve found particularly useful and recommend to clients and others wanting to deepen their understanding of Skicology and skiing with nothing on your mind, and just have a lifetime of great skiing experiences:

To have an experience of Skicology and possibly gain some insights in to the true source of your experience of skiing, download now the free eBook or Audiobook Skiing with nothing on your mind: Insights in to Skicology

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Even if you play other sports like tennis or golf reading or listening to the eBook will probably improve your game too!

And below are some links to local resources, books, and skiing e-tips from my earlier blogs, and more!


Clarity by Jamie Smart     (website:

The Inside Out Revolution – Michael Neill   (website:

Somebody Should have Told Us by Jack Pransky    (website:

Stillpower by Garret Kramer (website:

Inner Game of Tennis – Tim Gallway

Inner Game of Golf – Tim Gallway

Inner Skiing, Tim Gallwey

Mastery, George Leonard

My previous sport blog

  • archive of 30+ e-tips on sport (particularly skiing, but relevant to other sports), founded on where clients have been stuck with their sport and some suggestions for moving on:

Ski hire in and around Morzine delivered to your door

Door Step Skis, click here for extra discount

Headstuff – or, Skicology in Business

  • Headstuff is the Business Performance Division where we teach the art of free thinking to achieve exceptional performance in individuals, projects and organisations.  Anthony also writes a regular Business Blog with insights on acheiving greater performance with less on your mind.  For more information click here

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