There’s a huge misunderstanding of where feelings come from that gets people in to all sorts of trouble or leaves them troubled.  It’s commonly misunderstood that feelings come from other things: people, circumstances, spiders, and in skiing the likes of snow and ice, the weather, injury, family responsibilities, the colour of the piste, being born at an early age…

So, if your feelings of fear really came from the slopes, the skis, the ice, the other skiers or snowboarders, the injury, then given that right now you’re well away from the ‘cause’, shouldn’t that mean you  can’t feel your fear?

After all, the closer you are to a heat source then the hotter you get, and the further you move away, the colder you get.

Doesn’t make sense when I put it this way does it?

So where do you think that feeling comes from, as you’re nowhere near the slopes and not even skiing right now????

Our feelings come from our thinking.  And tight now, you’re feeling you’re thinking about skiing.  It’s fearful thinking you’re experiencing, and it’s you creating that.  Nothing more – it’s always you in ‘control’ of your experience.

Which means that, as our thinking ebbs and flows, it changes our feelings change as our thinking changes.  All that’s going on is we’re creating our own experience in the moment.

And note I said, as our thinking changes not ‘as we change our thinking’.  You can’t change your thinking as no-one operates that way.  And it’ll start to change quite naturally the more you give up on trying to change it.  That’s how we operate naturally.

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