Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing time and time again and expecting a different result! Albert Einstein

I’ve just read an interesting article referring to the red and blue pills taken in the Matrix movies.  In the movie you can either choose to take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill.  If you want to stick to the old way and have more of that then take the Red Pill.  If you’re ready to take control of your experience, and your enjoyment of it, then take the Blue Pill.  And yet most people say they want to take the Blue Pill, and yet prefer the comfort of the Red Pill, even when knowing that taking the Red Pill is insane!

To me, it’s as if you’re swimming upstream and you look out to your left and see millions of people swimming upstream.  And then you look to your right and see millions of others doing the same.  And it’s exhausting swimming upstream.  Someone seems to come up with a faster swimming technique and gets ahead for a while, but it doesn’t last, as willpower and consuming more energy is exhausting.  And that’s normal.

And most people are swimming upstream, and the experts (and yourself too!) are telling you that you need to apply and learn some new technique to either tread water better, or swim faster.  But all they are asking you to do is more: more willpower, consume more energy.  And none of that is sustainable.  Just exhausting.  And insane!

And yet, the moment you stop swimming against the current, you’ll find the current takes you to where you want to go, much more quickly and with less effort on your part.  You’re no longer fighting flow nor trying to get in to it, but working with flow. And that feels much more natural and sustainable.

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