Yesterday I put up on my flipchart a series of questions, including:

  • Are you a nervous skier?
  • Fearful in your skiing and lacking confidence?
  • Wanting to overcome a bad skiing experience or returning after a break?

And within minutes skiers were reading it and sharing stories of bad falls, accidents, injuries and describing how that had created the fear they were experiencing, how it occupied their minds on the slopes, or even put them off skiing completely.

And here’s the thing, they could describe the fearful feeling right in front of me, without being near a ski slope.  So, they were actually experiencing their thinking, not skiing.  They were innocently experiencing their own mind-made illusion as if it was real.  And it really did feel real to them.  And they felt unable to control it.  Yet, the moment we understand the mind-made illusion that the thought is – not intellectually but at an insightful level – the illusion loses its grip, and puts us back in control of which thoughts we choose to put energy in to.

And our Skype sessions are proving particularly attractive. We can speak from wherever you are in the world, at a time suitable for you.  So you’re in the best mindset possible when you’re back on the slopes.

Today on the flipchart is the 80: 20 rule: Spending more time skiing at your best and gaining an extra 80% out of your skiing for only 20% effort.  Skiing the natural way, not your normal way!  Skiing with your mind, rather than skiing out of your mind!!!  I’ll let you know the response tomorrow.

That’s Skicology™ – skiing with nothing on your mind

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