I was asked yesterday how long do I work with a client?

I replied: anything from 10 minutes to a few hours.

He seemed surprised.  He thought it would be days or years.

Well, what’s the difference?  The intellect – or the desire for analysis.  Like with skiing, when we’re trying to learn something new, most people try and analyse what they’re learning and essentially convert something new back in to something old.  A side effect of this is frustration, struggle, stress and in 82% of skiers, giving up.

That’s why children pick stuff up quickly – they don’t analyse.  Adults analyse, so skiing (or learning anything else for that matter) takes a little longer.  Give that up – which is one of the things we teach at Skicology.com – and it’s a much less bumpy and simpler experience.

Here’s the thing.  What I teach is incredibly simple.  A group of ski instructors listening to me took about an hour.  And as their trainer said I don’t know what you did with those guys but overnight they went to skiing world class.  A member of the GB Snowboarding squad understood in about 1½ hrs.  And went on to winning their next races, very matter-of-factly.  Another group of skiers tried to analyse and retro-fit what I was talking about for 1½ hours and all they could say was there’s something in what you’re saying but I can’t understand it. Give up on the analysis and you’ll hear something new.  Stick with the analysis and it’ll take much longer.

Or as a client said It’s too straightforward.  He got it in 10 minutes*, and his life changed.

The operating system of a computer is incredibly simple, it runs on binary.  Or, as a friend described it, It’s like three billion people and all they can say is yes or no. Similarly, the operating system of the human mind is incredibly simple.  However, if you try and analyse it, you’ll miss it completely.  And the results of missing it?  Those are the ones you’re experiencing now.

*[Well actually, all new learning takes about a second.  And that’s the moment of realisation, when something that didn’t make sense ‘suddenly’ makes sense]

If you’d like to experience the power of Skicology – and it’ll show up in all areas of your life, not just in skiing – then click here.  We book clients in for a minimum of 3 sessions, but if you get what we’re talking about in 10 minutes and you’re good to go then of course we’ll refund the remaining sessions.  Guaranteed.

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