If you’ve wondered how Skicology – the mental side of skiing – works, then this interview of me by fellow Skicologist, Sandie Martel, explains it in the first 10 minutes.

And I explain how the tiniest shift in perspective in Mind (cause) makes a huge difference when it arrives at behaviour (Effect), explaining why willpower and trying to change your thinking or behaviour, by changing thinking and behaviour never works.  That’s why everyone struggles with skiing when they stuck, because they apply this traditional strategy, but you’re just playing with the effects, never the cause.  Skicology goes straight to cause, which is why just a few sessions is enough, and the effects seem so matter of fact and straightforward, like an Ah-Ha! moment.

To watch the video click here 

The interview is in English, and there is a transcription in French below it. If you’d like a copy of the transcription or a copy in French of our ebook Skier l’Esprit Libre / Skiing with Nothing on Your Mind email me at: anthony@skicology.com

Here’s Sandie’s introduction:

“Tu connais la Skicologie ? Quoi ?! Tu connais pas la Skicologie ?! C’est le moment de réserver les vacances d’hiver et c’est là qu’on commence à cogiter. Comment faire de ces vacances une expérience extraordinaire ? Comment faire pour reprendre le ski après une longue période sans s’être entrainé, voire après une blessure ? Comment apprendre à rester zen sur les skis ? Comment être plus performant et ne plus être à la traîne, derrière les amis, pire encore : derrière les enfants…
Wooohh Jolly Jumper ! Anthony nous dit tout !”

Sandie is one of the French Skicologists at skicology.com as were now providing Skicology in French as well as English, Danish and Canadian.  At the bookings page, just let us know which language you prefer and we’ll connect you with the right person.

And remember, skicology is available 365 days a year, not just when you’re skiing.

And if you’d like to buy and book click here




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