I’ve met a lot of people of people these past few weeks, and there’s one thing they consistently talk about…and surprisingly this isn’t the cause of their experience and feelings.

And that’s the SNOW!

The comment’s I’ve heard are:

  • It’s patchy
  • It’s really good
  • It’s really bad
  • It’s brown
  • It’s lovely
  • Disappointing skiing
  • Great skiing

So whilst it looks like the snow is determining their experience and feelings, for that to be true, then everyone would have the same comment to make and their feelings would be identical.  But they are not.

So we can take snow off the list as a cause of feelings.

Which also means we can take everything off the list too that people think determines their experience.  Like skis, stones, other people, snowboarders/skiers, the weather, on/off piste and so on.  Anything external to you has no bearing on your feelings.

Your feelings come from you and flow through you.  Linger on them and they will hang around.  Pick them apart and try and analyse as to where they come from and they will hang around…and get worse.  Bit of an unpleasant side effect of what we’re are commonly told to do.

It’s like if you cut yourself.  Pick the cut and it will scab and scar.  Left alone, it will heal naturally.  The body has a natural in-built restoration system built in as standard.

Feelings are the same.  Pick your mind apart and it will scab and scar.  Left alone, it will heal naturally.  Your mind has a similar restoration system built in as standard.

It’s not what shows up that creates your experience, like snow.  It’s how you show up.  Your feelings are telling you nothing about the snow, but about how you’re seeing the snow in that moment.  And your feelings are bespoke to you.

Oh, and please don’t try and put a positive spin on it to make you feel better.  You can’t fool yourself!  No more than you can tickle yourself!

The snow just is.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It has nothing to do with your feelings. Nor anyone, nor anything else for that matter.  They are entirely your own, and naturally ebb and flow, and self-heal and correct.

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