The content of your thinking looks and feels real but there is no answer to be found in the content.  If it was, all the analysis and action you have done would answer the problem you see in your skiing.  When in fact, answer is behind all of that.  The fact that you have the power of thought.

It’s like a magic trick.  It’s an illusion.  Although we know we know a magic trick is an illusion, it looks and feels real.  But it’s still an illusion.

Once you know how the magic is trick is conjured up, and more so that you are the conjuror of your own thinking, it’s no longer an illusion.  The illusion disappears.

That’s what understanding the source of thought is.  Understanding the magic trick behind the creation of your own thinking.

Thought is like a river.  It only flows one way.  And like a river, thought is relentless, never ending.  But the moment you stop clinging on to your thinking and let go, fresh thinking flows.  Trying to fight it is energy-sapping.  Going with it is effortless.  It guides and carries you.

In skiing, the benefit of this understanding, that you are the conjuror of your own thinking, means that the self-created illusion of lack of confidence, stress, worry and anxiety lose their grip and fade away.  And fresh thinking takes their place.  And you’re back in the flow of skiing.

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