I’ve been researching what’s available for nervous or fearful skiers and they all have a fundamental flaw:  They try and change behaviour, by changing behaviour which is like trying to scratch glass with glass.  For example:

  • Practice on gentler slopes
  • Visualisation
  • Thinking positively, trying to replacing negative thoughts
  • Making a list of the external sources of your fear and analysing them
  • Improve your skiing technique and push your comfort zone
  • Breathing slowly
  • Breaking down a slope into bite sized chunks and planning a route

Innocently, all these do is add more thinking to an already over-thinking and revved up mind.  We can’t change our thoughts by putting on more thoughts: if you burn a cookie, you can’t un-burn it.  You have to go back in to the kitchen and bake more cookies.

Skicology™ is a unique approach teaching an understanding of how we all create our experience in the moment and from this understanding you can let those fearful thoughts lose their energy allowing fresh and more useful thinking to come in.

We don’t change our thinking, our thinking changes naturally, then we change.

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