When your mind is open and trusting the unknown you’ll start to see new things around you.  You point yourself in the direction you want to be going and you discover.

If you’re getting bogged down being analytical and trying to work out the ‘how to’ that’s just playing around with the known and it’s never going to help you move on, and you’ll stay stuck longer.

And it’s not about ‘getting over’ your fear or having confidence.  It’s much simpler than that.

It’s about being open and very lightly curious, which is one of the consequences of a clear mind.

Like with skiing.  Look around and there are people skiing.  So it’s possible.  There’s some new stuff to learn maybe, or some old stuff to unlearn maybe, but it’s possible.

I have a snow-boarding friend who can only see out of one eye, which makes judging distance a challenge sometimes.  But he loves to snowboard and he has great fun snowboarding.  He doesn’t see himself having a lack of ability, just accepts what is.  He was telling me a story about his friends egging him on to do a jump.  He could have said no, but decided to say yes.  And in that moment his mind cleared, and he knew what to do, even though he couldn’t see the landing zone.  And took off, did a 360 degree jump, and landed perfectly.  He trusted the unknown, and discovered in that moment what to do, without any analysis.

And I’m not saying we all want to do 360 degree jumps – I for one don’t!!! – but I’ve trusted the unknown many times and discovered what’s possible.

And if you’re starting to tell yourself a story about why you can’t do this or that, or blame others for their ‘natural ability’, then you’re not serving yourself very well.  Chances are, they had the same feelings you did at some point.  They probably came from the same place.  Which is great as it means you can discover too.  Just as they did once.  Go out and trust the unknown and see what you’ll discover. You might surprise yourself!!!

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