Recently, my colleague Sandie Martel interviewed me on the subject ‘Skiing with nothing on your mind’.  The interview is in English, with a translation in to French below the video.  I shared this a few months ago, but as it answers the most frequent question I get I thought I’d share again.

If you’d like to get an understanding of the Principles behind Skicology and a kind of ‘how’ it works at its simplest level, then watch and listen with nothing on your mind – in the first few minutes I explain the ‘how‘ without a ‘doing‘.

Another way of looking at it is:

Imagine you’ve been given a camera to take some pictures.  It might look like it’s the camera taking the pictures, but it’s actually you creating the pictures by pressing the shutter.  That’s why everyone takes different pictures with the same camera.

To get the most out of the interview listen for something fresh, as that is where we learn, rather than try and fit it in to your current view (you’ll get very little out of it if you do that).  Even better, for maximum effect, don’t listen to my words, but listen to where the words point within you.  The interview is here

If you have any questions or comments or want to book a Skicology session so you’re experiencing skiing with nothing on you mind, then email me at  Or if you’d like a session with Sandie in French (or English), then get in touch too.

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