In skiing, and particularly at last week’s London Ski and Snowboard Show, I hear the word FEAR used a lot, such as:

  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of ice
  • Fear of other skiers
  • Fear of being out of control

And there are a lot of well-intentioned people out there promoting various strategies around this that you can read more at here

Well there’s a big myth-understanding of fear. It’s a natural mechanism that keeps us safe.  And you want to keep it!

  • Fear keeps you out of places and situations you’re not capable of dealing with.
  • Fear keeps you alert.
  • Fear keeps you alive – it’s called the survival instinct. (Just try and stop breathing!)
  • Fear is hard-wired in to each and every one of us.
  • Fear keeps us alive!

Now ANXIETY – or to be correct, anxious thinking of heights, of ice, of other skiers, of being out of control – is very different.  And that’s something you can do something about.  And that’s what you learn with Skicology™, the mental foundation to a lifetime of great skiing experiences.

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