It’s very natural for our moods to go up and down.  Recognising them and when and how to act is the important thing.

Take last week.  Monday I went skiing with friends.  I was feeling great and my skiing was great and I had enormous fun.  My mood was high.

Then the next day, I experienced the complete opposite.  My mind was full of revved up thinking and my skiing followed suit!  I had the thought I’d completely forgotten how to ski, and guess what, that’s what showed up!

And it’s seems normal practice for people in a low mood to start looking for an external reason why their skiing (or anything else) is off base – it’s the snow, my skis, my boots, other skiers around me, the visibility etc.  Don’t!  There is absolutely no value in this.  If you do, your low mood will hang around much longer.

You see, we all have a natural self-correcting mechanism.  Our mind naturally clears when left alone.  I can’t say when, but it always does, and your mood naturally rises.

We can’t change our thinking (thinking positively etc), our thinking naturally changes.

And for me on Tuesday, I finished the run I was on, found a restaurant and sat down and had a coffee.   And as I sat there with my friends, my mood started to rise quite naturally, and it made sense to me to have lunch, and take the lift down off the mountain to ski another day.  And as your mood rises quite naturally, you’ll know what makes sense for you what to do next.

Bon ski!


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